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14 English teachers from Baja California receive follow-up in the Rassias® Methodology

For two days, 14 English teachers participating in IAPE in conjunction with the Baja California Seal of Biliteracy program received a follow-up workshop, implemented and led by staff of Educando and Dartmouth College’s Rassias Center. The Baja California Seal of Biliteracy program was launched in November, 2018 and seeks to improve English teachers’ pedagogy and…
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26 de February de 2019 0

Educando joins the “Alliance for the Promotion of STEM”

STEM Mexico, Educando’s program that offers top-quality training and support to Natural Science and Math high school and middle school teachers, became part of the “Alliance for the Promotion of STEM”, along with prestigious institutions and organizations that are also promoting the education in Mexico focusing on Workplace 21st century skills. This initiative led by Movimiento STEM A.C.,…
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11 de October de 2018 0

35 new LISTO leaders graduated in Puebla

In September, 35 new LISTO leaders have graduated in Huauchinango, Puebla. These public school principals and supervisors just completed the LISTO Program, which was filled with many satisfactory learning experiences. At the end of the last training session, Barbara Brown, who worked alongside Monica Duran as the coaches of this group, reminded the participants of…
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10 de October de 2018 0

40 new teachers joined the IAPE network

On October 2, 40 English teachers from several Mexican states have completed the 100 hour residential component of IAPE Inspiring English Teachers I. In addition to the 42 teachers who participated in the beginning of September, 82 new teachers have been incorporated into the IAPE network of educators. During this residential component, all the teachers…
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10 de October de 2018 0

Educando takes part in W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s meeting

Last month, Educando participated in the “Sembrando Alianzas” event promoted by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which took place in Mexico City from August 28th to 30th. Dolores González, Director of the program LISTO, participated in the three days of this biannual meeting together with community leaders and various civil organizations with the intention of building…
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21 de September de 2018 0
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