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Educando at International Congress on Science, Technology and Competencies Training

On October 25-27, Educando participated in the VIII International Congress on Science, Technology and Competencies Training (CIFCOM), with took place in Cancun, Mexico.  Three consecutive days brought together academic professionals, students, researchers and civil society organizations to address issues on the training and management of human talent in science and technology fields for greater social…
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9 de November de 2018 0

42 New IAPEañeros complete the IAPE Inspiring English Teacher 1

On Thursday, September 14, 42 new IAPEañeros completed the residential component of the IAPE Inspiring English Teacher I program. For ten days, the English language educators, who came from 17 Mexican states from Chihuahua to Chiapas, were immersed in a dynamic, intensive session focused on bolstering their English skills and learning and practicing to implement…
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20 de September de 2018 0

Educando launches STEM MÉXICO!

STEM México, a teacher training program focused on science and math, will start its operation in the state of Campeche, one of the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. Located in the southeast, Campeche has a population of almost one million people, 75% living in urban areas by the coast. STEM México will offer its first…
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17 de August de 2018 2

IAPE English Trainers Corps: 31 new English Teachers trained

The new cohort of 2018 IAPEañeros, composed of 31 English teachers from different parts of Mexico, recently completed their training in the IAPE English Trainers Corps program, which lasted two intensive weeks in Dartmouth College in the United States, and have returned to Mexico to practice their newfound knowledge. Before setting off on their trip…
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16 de August de 2018 0

Preparing LISTO Coaches

LISTO trains principals to become leaders in their school communities, transforming the learning environment. The continuous support and training for the participants of the LISTO program, alongside a group of coaches, is fundamental to the progression of the program. As a result, for about a month now, a small group of 10 coaches have been part…
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16 de August de 2018 0

Fun classes that increase students’ attention and confidence

In the last week of June, Joanna Guerra Ledon, an English teacher at the Colegio de Bachilleres, Mexico City, gave her first IAPE Introductory Workshop in Rassias® Philosophy and Techniques to a group of ten colleagues from her institution. With entertaining dynamics, she taught the teachers how they could make the teaching of English more…
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5 de July de 2018 1
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