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“The students were grateful for having me as their teacher”

10 de April de 2019 Education in Latin America 0

“The students were grateful for having me as their teacher”, said Marcela Martínez, English Teacher and IAPE participant in Mexico. IAPE has been recognized by diverse institutions in Mexico and the United States for the quality and impact of its programs. IAPE offers three distinct programs of English teacher training and provides continuous reinforcement through in-person workshops, the online IAPE Virtual Learning Community Forum, and a three-year mentoring program.

IAPE has trained more than 2,500 teachers in over 5,000 public schools, opening opportunities to over 2.5 million students, and their surrounding communities. One of them was Marcela Martínez.

“The difference in students’ classroom participation before and after I was trained by IAPE has been remarkable. The impact was very good from the first day. They came up to me at the end of the class trying to express themselves in English. They were grateful for having me as their teacher and very surprised at the dynamics. My feelings were of complete excitement because of this response. The Rassias® methodology used by IAPE has permitted me to keep the students’ attention and stimulate them to participate without needing to be prompted”, says Marcela Martínez, English Teacher and IAPE participant

Teacher Lilian Mozas, also an English teacher and IAPE participant (from Sonora, Mexico), shares a similar opinion. “I didn’t imagine it was going to be like this”, says Lilian. “Like this fun and entertaining that the hours would pass by without feeling the exhaustion. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t think it was going to be this good. The Rassias Method® is a very beneficial system for young people, for children, or even for us because we are learning so much here. I am very happy. I can see myself putting these skills into practice”, says Lilian.

English proficiency for business, tourism, scientific research, and a variety of other industries, opens doors to education and economic advancement. Our flagship program: IAPE is changing this with the most effective English teacher training program in the country.

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