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Preparing LISTO Coaches

16 de August de 2018 Educando Education in Latin America Learning LISTO Mexico Training 0

LISTO trains principals to become leaders in their school communities, transforming the learning environment. The continuous support and training for the participants of the LISTO program, alongside a group of coaches, is fundamental to the progression of the program. As a result, for about a month now, a small group of 10 coaches have been part of a Master Coaches training in order to continue developing their skills so that they are able to train future coaches in other states of Mexico.

This four-month program is facilitated by Reencuadre, a Mexican Company specialized in Coaching, which Educando has collaborated with before. José Merino, part of Reencuadre who lead the training during this session, explains that this program is based on a more extensive program on Coaching in Education, which was carried out last year with LISTO and proved to be very valuable. This new edition “is aimed at reworking the finer points of the content presented last year. And for these participants to be able to supervise the participants that have completed the program, since supervision is fundamental for application, and so that in the future, they can impart this same training to new members of the organization”.

Merino explains that the technique for this program is divided into a training session and then two supervision sessions. He is very pleased with the development he has seen so far, “this is a very committed group and it has been a pleasure working with them”.


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