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Reference in the training of high school teachers, STEM Brasil reaches Elementary School

31 de October de 2017 Education in Latin America Worldfund Brazil 0
Present in public high schools of 15 brazilian states, pilot program created by the north american NGO Worldfund begins today in Pernambuco
Created by the american non-profit organization Worldfund, STEM Brasil is a teacher training program in the areas of Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Mathematics with a focus on public high schools throughout the country. Since its implementation, it has trained over 4,300 teachers in 561 brazilian schools, having a positive impact on more than 500,000 students.
Until now, STEM Brasil has only contemplated high school. In October 2017, however, a STEM Brasil pilot program focused on Elementary Education in the state of Pernambuco has started. It is now present in 16 schools in the following municipalities: Recife, Trindade, Salgueiro, Bom Conselho, São Bento da Una, Arcoverde, Afogados da Ingazeira, Flores, Floresta, Cabrobó, Itapissuma, Santa Cruz, Bonito, Tamandaré, Camaragibe and Tambaúba.
 “Starting the teacher training program in Elementary School will be a big step for STEM Brasil, because it will allow the concepts of Science and Mathematics to be sooner understood, generating a faster learning curve in these areas,” says Kelly Maurice , Executive Director of Worldfund.
“We have created a series of activities adapted to the youngest students, experiences that will stimulate the taste for subjects that can usually present a greater complexity of understanding,” says Marcos Paim, STEM Brasil Program Director.


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