The future of Latin America is in its children.
Educando is shaping that future by turning teachers into leaders and
transforming students into citizens who can change their communities.
Give them a great teacher and you will give them the world.

Over 11,400 Schools | Over 13,300 Teachers | Over 5,590,000 Students

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Together we inspire teachers and create leaders in Latin America

Educando empowers educators with the skills they need to inspire their students to achieve a brighter future

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Programs and Impact


IAPE (Inter-American Partnership for Education) is a partnership between Dartmouth College’s Rassias Center and Educando that trains, supports, and empowers English teachers. It utilizes the Rassias Method®, that encourages communication by breaking down fear and inhibition.



LISTO trains and supports principals in instructional, transformational, and organizational leadership. Through a combination of workshops and coaching, its goal is to foster leaders who create effective learning environments that involve teachers, parents, and the community in improving learning outcomes.

STEM Brasil & STEM Mexico

STEM Brasil and STEM Mexico offer top-quality training and support to Natural Science and Math high school and middle school teachers. STEM is a hands-on, comprehensive teacher training program that synthesizes the oficial Brazilian and Mexican curricula with innovation, technology, creativity, practical projects and local context.

“IAPE is a network of leaders in English language education who inspire their peers to prepare students with linguistic and intercultural competencies for the 21st century.”

Jim Citron
IAPE Director

“LISTO creates a network of well equipped educators with the tools to become leaders, allowing them to share experiences within their communities.”

Dolores Gonzalez
Listo Director

“STEM BRASIL & STEM Mexico focuses on teachers because they inspire students to use science and technology to solve everyday problems and to become innovators.”

Marcos Paim
STEM Brasil & STEM Mexico Director

Educando Impact in Mexico

7.106 schools | 4.015 educators | 3.901.527 students (IAPE/blue | LISTO/orange | STEM/red)

Educando Impact in Brazil

498 schools | 4.058 educators | 458.178 students

Educando has invested over $30 million in education programs since 2002


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