History of Worldfund in Brazil

Close to 25% of our strategic investments are directed toward Brazil, with a focus on math and science teacher training.  

Worldfund launched its teacher training program, STEM Brasil, in 2010.

In 2010, the Worldfund Brasil office was established to support rapid Worldfund program expansion. 

Brazil suffers from significantly low educational results. According to PISA 2009, more than 54% of 15-year-old Brazilian children scored at the lowest level in science. Most children cannot give any scientific explanation for familiar phenomenon while a staggering 69% of 15 year-olds scored at the lowest level in math. Of the nations participating in PISA 2009, Brazil is ranked at the bottom 20% in science and math performance. The implications for Brazil's economy and society are profound; poor students are simply not gaining the competencies required to pass college entrance exams or to secure jobs in science and technology. The vast majority of university graduates (which is only 11% of the population) attended private high schools and only a fraction study the economically critical sciences.


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