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The Inter-American Partnership for Education (IAPE) was established in 2007 as a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to transform English language instruction in Mexico's most underserved public schools. IAPE trains, empowers, and supports a network of innovative English language educators who work together to create lasting and sustainable change in classrooms throughout the country. IAPE is a partnership of Worldfund and Dartmouth College's Rassias® Center for World Languages and Cultures.

Program Description:

IAPE offers three programs:

IAPE Intensive English

Offered in Mexico
80 hours of intensive English instruction
20 hours of pedagogical training

IAPE Teachers’ Collaborative Mexico

Offered in Mexico
68 hours of pedagogical training
Three years of mentoring and supporting colleagues in Mexico

IAPE Teachers' Collaborative USA

Offered at Dartmouth College - USA
100 hours of pedagogical training
Three years of mentoring and supporting colleagues in Mexico
Participants in this program serve as trainers and facilitators for all IAPE programs


IAPE features the Rassias® Method.

The Rassias Method was developed by world-renowned language professor, John A. Rassias (view interview) at Dartmouth College in the 1960’s. The Rassias Method is a rigorous, interactive, and highly effective system for teaching languages that banishes inhibitions and fosters authentic communication. It is based on the premise that students speak to learn rather than learn to speak. The Rassias Method has trained more than 165,000 Peace Corps Volunteers in languages, as well as countless students and teachers throughout the world.


Clinton Global Initiative Latin America

CGI Commitment Seal English

In December, 2013, at the Clinton Global Initiative Latin America, Worldfund announced a commitment to action to open a second training center in Mexico and doubling the size of IAPE programs by 2016. Read more here.

IAPE provides:

  • IAPE Virtual Community Forum, offering teachers follow-up support from program staff and peers Visit Forum
  • Periodic follow-up workshops in Mexico

Participating teachers agree to:

  • Teach English at public institutions in Mexico for at least three years
  • Actively engage in the IAPE Virtual Community
  • IAPE Teachers’ Collaborative participants make the additional commitment to provide mentoring and support to colleagues. They offer workshops at their schools and academic conferences, publish scholarly articles, serve as instructors and facilitators during future IAPE programs. Upon successful completion of the three-year commitment, participants in the IAPE Teachers’ Collaborative USA and Teachers’ Collaborative Mexico, and their home institutions, are eligible to receive a certificate of completion.

"I went there to learn about a teaching method and I came back with a life lesson…You not only taught us a way of teaching but a way of caring."

— María de Lourdes V., Universidad Tecnológica de Tlaxcala


Inter-American Development Bank

In 2011 Worldfund joined forces with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to undertake a randomized control trial (RCT) evaluation of the IAPE Intensive English program. The evaluation seeks to measure the effects of the IAPE training on students’ and teachers’ English skills and to assess changes in pedagogical practices by the teachers. The RCT evaluation was conducted with the cooperation of the States of Puebla and Tlaxcala and focuses on middle school and high school teachers who participated in the program during the spring and fall of 2012. RCTs are the most rigorous evaluation available and this is the first RCT ever conducted on an in-service teacher training program in Latin America. Preliminary results are expected to be published in 2014.


From its inception, Worldfund contracted the Mexico-City based consulting firm Aseguramiento de la Calidad en la Educación y en el Trabajo, S.C (ACET) to conduct independent evaluations of the IAPE program.

When compared to a pre-program baseline, the studies found statistically significant increases in:

  • The percentage of time that students spoke English in class
  • The motivation and participation of students in class; the comfort students felt in speaking English both inside and out of the classroom
  • The percentage of teachers who reported collaborating with colleagues in the design of their classroom activities

The studies also found that teachers reported having more confidence in their ability to teach English; more empathy toward their students; and more appreciation of their role as teachers and of their students’ needs. The study found English language supervisors who had participated in the program to be reaching out more to support those teachers under their supervision; to be more interested in creating appropriate teaching materials; to be developing more appropriate teaching materials; and to be demonstrating increased interest in training their teachers to improve their teaching practices and student learning.

IAPE Program Profile

Launched in: 2007
Location: Participants from 27 states in Mexico
Number of teachers participating: 1,465
Number of students influenced per year: 330,000
Worldfund Staff: Director, Administrative Coordinator

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